Meet Noelle, Certified Health Coach, HHC, and a natural health & beauty enthusiast

Welcome to my wellness blog!

“Girl, Redesigned”  represents my transformation from unhealthy and unhappy, to balanced, happy & thriving!

I faced a few health challenged over the years. After being misdiagnosed and having some run arounds with the physicians (plus experiencing side effects from traditional medicines)  i realized that the only person looking out for my wellbeing in the long run…. is me.

with some self care, research and supportive friends, i was able to slowly get back to myself again and even feeling BETTER than i was before my health challenges became a downward spiral.

i believe it is possible to make significant, consistent changes in your life without sacrificing who you are, your beliefs, your traditions, and your dreams. (which was important for me growing up in a traditional Italian american household)

awareness + consistency was key in my transformation to a new and improved version of myself.

In 2016 i decided to become a certified health coach, so i can share the gift of health with others! To see more about my coaching services, please click here.

in happiness, love & light,

Noelle M. – Girl, Redesigned